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“The road to success is always under construction.”

– Lily Tomlin

what we do

Thermoplastic Road Painting and Road Furniture Work

Road marking is one of the most important measure in road safety especially in the era of four and six lane highways. Road markings signify the definition of traffic path and the lateral clearance from traffic hazard for the safe, smooth and orderly movement of traffic. Apart from traffic guidance, they also serve as a tool for controlling, warning and providing information to road users.

Civil Work

Civil works involved with the maintenance, design and construction of environments such as roads, buildings, subdivisions, bridges, sewer systems etc. This requires planning and implementation of a particular project as per the need of the customer using right construction methods and procedures.

Repair, Retrofitting & Rehabilitation of RCC Structure

The need to rehabilitate a structure may arise at any time from the beginning of the construction phase until the end of the service life. Repair, retrofitting and rehabilitation for strengthening of RCC structures is a specialization job which requires very close monitoring, maintenance, high safety standards and testing of the strength of structure at every stage of the project. But when done in specialized manner and using modern techniques like FRP, Jacketing etc. as per site requirements results in very effective results in increasing the life of the structure.

our mission

To compete through continuous innovation, cost effectiveness, reliability and end to end customer delight and to improve the engineering and design of the use of construction techniques, while completing the project within stipulated time and cost, adhering to quality and process parameters.


To be the leading construction company in our chosen markets admired by all the stakeholders, for our track record in reliable execution, cost effectiveness, and world class technical sophistication.


our projects

Renewal of surface of roads in Mumbai Suburban (25000 m2)

Mumbai – Pune Old Highway NH-48  (10000 m2)

Mumbai – Pune Expressway (40000 m2)

Repair and renovation of MP Manikrao Thackrey

Water Proofing treatment of Vidhan Bhavan expansion joint